No veterinary certificate required for FCI IGP-FH WCH 2023!

We just have received the information from FCI concerning the veterinary certificate for FCI IGP-FH WCH 2023:

Dear sports friends,

for final clarification:
The veterinary certificate is required for the first time at the IGP World Championships in Nova Gorica. It is not yet necessary for the FH World Cup. Please also inform the team leaders.

Best regards,
Robert Markschläger

That means there’s no need to get the veterinary certificate for the dogs before the competition. Of course, there will be the normal vet check before the opening ceremony on Monday, 15th May, in Finland.

Please read the rules and regulations for entering Finland

(There is still the link to the FCI regulation, but the page has been removed. We will soon remove the link also.)

We wish you all welcome to Finland!

Best regards,

Finnish Working Dog Association

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