Aivo Oblikas

I have been training dogs since the early 90’s. For me dog training is a passion I really enjoy. I have trained dogs in my group in all IGP disciplines regularly since the 90’s, and my trainees have been on podium in Estonian Championships every year since 2007. In 2022 I had 4 dogs among best 6. During all these years I have trained more than 100 dogs to different results.

Personally I have competed in World Championships 9 times with different dogs (2 times in FCI IPO, 1 time in FCI IPO-FH, 3 times in FMBB IPO and 3 times in IDC IPO). Best place in IDC IPO WC, 10th place (Apolda, 2009). I have achieved several podium places at Estonian Championshisps with different dogs in IPO and also in IPO-FH.

As FCI IPO judge I have previously judged:

  • 2022 Norweigian IGP-FH Championships
  • 2022 USA RSV Global qualifications (part A)
  • 2021 FCI IGP-FH World Championships
  • 2021 AWDF USA all breed IGP Championships (part A)
  • 2021 Finnish IGP Championships (part C)
  • 2019 Finnish IGP-FH Championships
  • 2019 CACIT IPO in Latvia (part A)
  • 2016 Rottweiler World Championships in IPO (part A)
  • 2015 Bouvier World Championships in IPO (part C)
  • 2017 CACIT IPO in Finland (part C)
  • 2016 Latvian German Shepherd Championships in IPO (A, B , C)
  • 2016 Finnish Dobermann IPO Championships (A, B, C)
  • 2016 CACIT IPO in Finland (part A)
  • 2016 Finnish Rottweiler Championships (parts A, B)
  • 2014 Vilnius (Lithuania) Cup in IPO (parts A, B, C)

And also several times Estonian different breeds and all breed championships.

I have been participating in FCI annual training seminars for judges 6 times (2009, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2018, 2020).

I have been a member of FCI Utility Dog Comission since 2005.

2003–2006 Member of the Board of Estonian Kennel Union

2006–2008 Chairman of the Council of Estonian Kennel Union

I speak English, Finnish and Russian.

More info about me can be found at my home page

I wish everyone a good competition and lot of success!

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