Dear dogsport people,

It is time to organize FCI IGP-FH WCH 2023. The event will take place on 15.-20.5.2023 in Southern Finland, max. 100 km from the capital Helsinki.

The organizers of 2023 Championship competition are very experienced people. Management personnel in charge of this IGP-FH WCH competition have remarkable experience of many world championship and national championship competitions in Finland and abroad. Roles such as competitor, team leader, judge and organizer have varied in events such as FCI IPO WM, WUSV, Bouvier IPO WM, FMBB, IFR IPO WM and NOM. In addition to this, members of the event’s management have also significant experience of national competitions in both FH and IPO.

In Finland, we have a long experience of using working dogs (like police, custom, border guard and army) but also voluntary SAR and numerous dog sports. Finnish dog trainers are internationally respected and have achieved success in dog sports. Finnish dogs also work and rescue around the world.

FH-tracking is highly growing sport, so 2023 World Championship competition will take place in country, were there is a strong boom and lot of new trainers in this sport.

I hope you will accept my invitation to visit Finland and see our beautiful and clean nature with it‘s several forests and lakes. In my opinion May is the most beautiful time of year in Finland. After long winter nature is full of life, birds are singing and sun is shining.

Welcome to Finland!
Mika Lindberg
Director of Organize

Dear friends of the tracking dog sport,

Thank you for Finland’s willingness to host the FCI World Tracking Dog Championships. In order to ensure a smooth process, extensive preparatory work is required, which extends over a long period of time. Ensuring sufficient terrain, preparing the track layers, as well as all logistical and organizational requirements represent an enormous effort, which poses great challenges for the organization team, even in the run-up to the World Championships.

Nose work is one of the most important and most beautiful tasks for our dogs. It is also very nice that the tracking work is not primarily limited to certain breeds, but that it is possible for almost dogs of all breeds to qualify for this world championship. It is always fascinating and not always understandable for us humans what dogs achieve in this work. Often an apparently easy terrain turns out to be difficult for dogs and vice versa. Anyone who practices or has ever practiced this dog sport knows how much training it takes for a dog to pass this two-track test. The length of this trail requires not only a strong will to search, but also good physical condition and condition.

I would like to thank everyone involved in the preparation of this World Cup and its implementation.

I wish the event a good course and all dog handlers with their dogs the desired success.

Many greetings,
Robert Markschläger
President of the FCI Utility Dog Commission

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